Craig Singer, M.D.

-Certified Mohel-


Bris Instructions

Please do not feed the baby for 90 minutes before the bris. I want him to be hungry. You may feed him immediately afterwards. – This means that if the bris starts at 12pm, stop feeding the baby at 10:30am.
Please dress the baby in either a 2-piece outfit or a loose gown. I would prefer you do NOT have an outfit with snaps or zippers.
– A sturdy, waist-high table (tablecloth optional) where the actual circumcision will take place. The table should be large enough to support the baby and my instruments. A minimum of 4 feet by 3 feet is required, and it must be square or rectangular (not round). And it must be at least 30 inches high. – This is standard desk or kitchen table height.
– One standard sized sleeping pillow with a plain pillowcase.
– Two chairs (one for the Sandak and one for Elijah the prophet).
– Kosher grape wine (sweet) for Kiddush. Kedem or Maneschevitz are good choices. It must be sweet (not dry) and either grape or blackberry.
– Grape juice for baby. Kedem is a good brand. Welch’s is fine too. Please make sure the grape juice is NOT sparkling or diet. If you are worried about staining the baby’s outfit, buy a white colored grape juice.
– A kiddush cup, and plastic cups for the guests if you want them to participate in the Kiddush.
– A minimum of 10 disposable diapers and a large stack of wipes.
– 4 cloth diapers – the type you place over your shoulder when burping the baby.
– Two large tubes of Vaseline petroleum jelly. -Most parents find Vaseline preferable to Vitamin A and D ointment because it spreads easier on the gauze pads.
– 50 of the 4-inch x 4-inch size gauze pads. A good brand is Mirasorb by Johnson and Johnson, although any brand of 4-inch x 4-inch gauze generally works fine such as the CVS or Rite Aid store brands.
-One receiving blanket
– Kippot (Yarmulkas) for guests. – I will make a special kippah for the baby!
-Challah and Knife

Craig Singer, MD
Dermatologist and Certified Mohel

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